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06 May 2013

“There’s Tack?!” by Foal Watch Kim

I have a confession. I like to clean tack. When there is a mare that is going to the breeding shed the next morning, part of my groom’s job is clean her halter and neck collar. I challenge myself to get the leather looking as close to new as possible. For me, it’s therapeutic. A […]

15 Apr 2013

“Personality and More” by Foal Watch Kim

One of the really cool aspects of foal watch is observing the foals develop their unique personalities. Their character and sometimes a physical aspect, such as a star or other marking often lead to nicknames. For example:
Mighty Mouse - A small one at birth, he made up his size with a tough, outgoing attitude. He’s […]

24 Mar 2013

“On Grooming” by Foal Watch Kim

I’ve always believed in the benefits of a thorough grooming. Having grown up with riding horses, it was a way to assess how the horse was feeling that day in addition to general coat and overall health benefits. But grooming riding horses is generally a one-on-one task where the horse has the groom’s undivided attention. […]

12 Mar 2013

“Goodbye and Hello” by Foal Watch Kim

This past week I moved from Office Barn to Shop Barn and the next group of expectant mares. I do still look in on the Office Barn on my substitute shift nights, so it’s not really “goodbye”. Truthfully, I think the cats miss me more than the horses do!
It’s fun getting to know the new […]

05 Mar 2013

“The Watch Mobile” by Foal Watch Kim

In an effort to be prepared for anything I have turned my car, lovingly referred to as “Road Warrior” on account of my travels,  into a mobile closet. She’s loaded with extra coats, pants, socks and a chair and horse blankets for me to wrap up in for the post-light’s-out periods between patrols. In addition […]

28 Feb 2013

“Pied Piper of Chesapeake Farm” by Foal Watch Kim

“Pied Piper of Chesapeake Farm”
No rats. No pipes. Just me and the barn cats. We rounded up nine of the cats, from the various barns and had them all spayed or neutered two weeks ago (see  http://www.facebook.com/SpayOurStrays). While most of these cats are friendly, I thought that they’d be a little more wary following such […]

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