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15 Apr 2013

“Personality and More” by Foal Watch Kim

One of the really cool aspects of foal watch is observing the foals develop their unique personalities. Their character and sometimes a physical aspect, such as a star or other marking often lead to nicknames. For example:

Mighty Mouse - A small one at birth, he made up his size with a tough, outgoing attitude. He’s huge now and a real stud.

┬áMini-me or simply “Mini”: She looks just like her dam and has the same calm, quiet attitude.

Buttercup: So named because her breath smells like butter to me.

Trouble: Unlike the calm demeanor of her dam, she enjoys proving herself as a racehorse, often in the confines of her stall.

Limbo: So named for her penchant of walking under her mom.

Flower: She has a star that is shaped like a flower. She’s also very shy and tends to run and hide behind her dam, reminding me of Flower in the movie “Bambi”.

Finally, speaking of “Bambi”, we have a Bambi in the barn, named for his fawn-like color. Bambi is also known as “Terror”. He can be a handful!

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