Where a timeless and undying commitment to the Thoroughbred horse still holds true.


mev-pic.bmpWith more than 450 acres or prime, rich Kentucky pastureland, Chesapeake Farm is ideal for raising robust Thoroughbred foals. It offers spacious paddocks so young horses can run and fully develop their athleticism.  Four-board fencing, six barns, six run-in sheds and the modern facilities to meet all horses’ needs. The property on which the farm is based has produced a number of special runners, among them Kentucky Derby-G1 winner Spectacular Bid, Epsom Derby-G1 winner Golden Fleece and the 2006 Preakness-G1 winner Bernardini.  Chesapeake employs a farm veterinarian to constantly monitor the health and progress of its boarders, and its staff couples traditional horsemanship with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure horses in their care receive the very best of care.

 From the youngest groom to founder and president Drew Nardiello, the staff at Chesapeake Farm is uniquely qualified to provide its boarders with uncompromising care and attention.  Chesapeake can create the best possible environment for mares and foals, and maintain strong and lasting relationships with clients.  That’s just the Chesapeake Way.

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