Where a timeless and undying commitment to the Thoroughbred horse still holds true.

Bloodstock Consulting

Bloodhorse CoverGiven his lifelong involvement in Thoroughbred racing and breeding, Chesapeake Farm president Drew Nardiello is constantly called upon to provide his clients with expert analysis for pedigree evaluations and bloodstock consultation.  Because it stands no stallions – and therefore has no inherent conflict of interest when it comes to breeding consultation – Chesapeake is ideally positioned within the industry to provide professional, independent counsel for its clients. This allows Nardiello to impart the full breadth of his expertise to do what is best for each individual horse, not the farm’s bottom line.

Chesapeake Farm has helped advise a number of its clients with mating options and broodmare analyses. Those insights have directly contributed to the breeding of numerous stakes horses and stakes performers.

Whether you own a modest young mare or a proven Grade 1 stakes producer, Chesapeake Farm offers independent counsel to help its clients maximize the success of their respective broodmare holdings.

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